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 Lufeng linkage network technology co., LTD 2016Founded in shanwei cities,Its inception is adhering to the principle of legitimate business,Focus on the leisure game development and operation,To provide high quality game entertainment experience and the forefront of the high-quality goods,To create the most fun game platform。Is one of the focus on the well-known domestic mobile phone game research and development operations and distribution company。

The company has been sticking to the principle of the supremacy of players to experience,We rely on professional technical conditions,Comprehensive planning and promotion,Perfect cultural business management system,Relying on the advanced management idea and excellent professional team,A good brand awareness and excellent service,In our customers won praise,Got the approval。On the basis of analyzing the market environment in detail,To grasp the general demand for mobile game players。As a mobile phone games and Internet services company,Company not only all the members of his ideal and ambition of cultural industry,To have firm faith and pursuit。

The company has been adhering to——Strategy is accurate、Creative young、Perform excellent business spirit,For the hand play home with a better game。
Corporate philosophy:Mobile game to play、Pursuit of perfection、Strive for perfection!

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